I get an error message when my iPhone/iPad tries to connect with the Breezing tracker.



For Bluetooth Pairing: please follow the exact order of the “Before you start” checklist in the Breezing App, and you will see a Pairing Request (if needed).
– Make sure you close other Apps that are running. Then try closing and re-opening the Breezing App.
– Keep your Apple device updated to the latest iOS version. For example, early versions of iOS 8 had some problems with Bluetooth in the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus.


– Make sure your iOS device’s Bluetooth is on (from Settings)
– Make sure your iOS device is charged
– Make sure your Breezing Tracker is charged
– Make sure you reset the Breezing Tracker before you try to connect (that is, turn the device off and turn it back on before you tap “Connect”)
– Make sure you follow the exact order of the “Before You Start” checklist displayed in the App

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