The Science

Metabolism is the single largest factor that dictates our daily caloric needs, varying from person to person and from time to time. The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics recommends the tracking of metabolism with gold standard indirect calorimetry, which requires accurate measurement of a person’s consumed O2 and produced CO2 rates in breath. Breezing has developed a breakthrough sensing technology, that condenses the traditional O2 and CO2 sensors into a single stamp-sized sensor cartridge. The sensor cartridge is accurate and calibration free. The breath O2 and CO2 concentrations are combined with other pulmonary measurements (captured by Breezing’s patented device and processed by our proprietary algorithms) to achieve accurate RMR reading. The technology has been extensively validated and reaches gold-standard benchmarks.

Clinical Studies

Breezing has been used in clinical studies and collaborations with leading institutes, including the Mayo Clinic, the Pulmonary and Sleep Medicine Associates, the University of Arizona, and Arizona State University.


Based on clinical studies and laboratory tests, Breezing Pro’s accuracy is ~100% with 95% confidence intervals compared to the gold standard reference methods.


Impact of Indirect Calorimetry on Weight Management

In a published clinical study, patients treated with the Breezing device experienced twice as much weight loss, and 70% better adherence to healthy behaviors, with significant improvements in risk factors for Type II diabetes including HbA1C, cholesterol, and blood pressure.


Metabolism Calculation vs. Actual Measurement

While calculations provide population average RMR, a comparison study between RMR calculated by the Mifflin St-Jeor predictive equation (MSJE) and RMR measured by the indirect calorimetry method with Breezing showed that the calculated values can under- and over-estimate the actual RMR by 950 and 660 kCal per day, respectively.


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