Breezing: Next-Generation Indirect Calorimetric Technology


World-renowned, award-winning U.S. professors invented Breezing metabolic technology. Mayo Clinic fellow, Dr. Forzani, led a team that designed (1) Breezing ProTM (non-medical device) for academic research, sports performance, and wellness management and (2) Breezing MedTM (FDA-cleared medical devices) for obesity management. Breezing Pro was validated against the Gold Standards, and Breezing Med was validated against the FDA cleared metabolic carts by independent 3rd parties. To experience Breezing, you can download the Breezing Pro app from the Apple Store. CLICK HERE for instructions to sign in to the Breezing demo.

Breezing’s breakthrough sensor technology accurately determines Resting Energy Expenditure (REE), i.e. Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR), and Respiratory Exchange Ratio (RER, i.e. respiratory quotient at resting condition) through indirect calorimetry using a single stamp-sized sensor cartridge to precisely measure both oxygen (O2) and carbon dioxide (CO2). Breezing’s FDA cleared cleaning/disinfection protocol ensures safe use.

Breezing products include Breezing ProTM (non-medical devices) and Breezing MedTM (FDA-510k cleared medical devices). Breezing ProTM is used at Harvard University, Northwestern University Sports Program, Zulal Wellness Center, Numa Sports Training, ELAV Sports Science/R&D, etc. Breezing MedTM is used at Mayo Clinic, Banner Health, private physician clinics, and many others worldwide.


1. Breezing ProTM: Wellness Devices

Breezing ProTM (Non-medical device) intended uses include research, sports training, fitness training, and wellness management for general lifestyle and well-being purposes. Breezing ProTM is not intended for any medical applications.


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2. Breezing MedTM: FDA-Cleared Medical Devices

Breezing Med TM intended uses include research and clinical trial studies, obesity management and/or prevention of obesity and related diseases, and remote patient monitoring. Breezing MedTM is the only FDA cleared device that provides remote assessment features. Breezing MedTM precisely measures REE/RQ, helps physicians prepare tailored nutrition plans via Breezing/Telediets, develop tailored exercise programs for patients, and accurately monitor patient REE/RQ to effectively sustain patient weight after surgery.

Importance of Precise REE/RMR Measurement: National Institutes of Health (NIH) Nutrition for Precision Nutrition, Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, and American College of Sports Medicine have recommended that personalized treatment of weight management to improve weight loss outcomes includes precise measurement of REE.

Is It True that REE/RMR Could Be Determined Accurately by Measuring Either O2 or CO2? Indirect calorimetry accurately determines REE, i.e. RMR using Weir equation by only accurately measuring both O2 & CO2. CLICK HERE for “Indirect Calorimetry (IC) in Clinical Application and REE determination,” Journal of Internal Medicine: “In order to prevent under- and over-feeding and their related complications, it is important to accurately assess REE in individual patients and to ensure adapted nutrition support. IC is considered as the gold standard to this purpose and ideally any patients in whom energy needs are uncertain should be measured. Recent developments should facilitate the widespread use of IC in medical routine and promote better clinical outcomes.”

Why Breezing MedTM?

  • Safe to use between patients after cleaning/disinfection
  • Accurate measurement of O2 & CO (O2 & COaccuracy < 1%)
  • Test data are exportable to csv, pdf format or printers
  • Automatic calibration, no maintenance required
  • Easy & comfortable to use with no nose clips
  • Remote or onsite assessment (HIPAA-compliant apps)
  • FDA 510k cleared (Breezing MedTM)
  • Validated with RMR as accurate as those from metabolic carts

REE/RMR assessments using indirect calorimetry is more accurate than REE predictive equations Click this link to review – Paper published in the Global Journal of Obesity,
Diabetes, and Metabolic Syndrome with Consultant Dr. St Jeor

The benefits that Breezing Med TM (FDA-cleared) can bring you:

  • Accurate REE/RMR, RQ data to prevent obesity mismanagement
  • Partnering with Telediets to provide new medical weight loss meal plans
  • Enhancing patient adherence to healthier behavior
  • Flexible price plans and lease-to-own options
  • FDA cleared, and CPT coded for insurance reimbursement (Breezing MedTM)
  • Receiving cash payment and/or insurance reimbursement
  • Generating more revenue ($6,400 to $25 million per year)
  • Costing 1/10 as much as metabolic carts, but with equal REE/RMR accuracy
  • Up to $10 per test

Awards Received: Top 10 winners in 2018 ACA Innovation Challenge, Finalist in 2020 R&D 100 Awards in science and technology.

Breezing Product Applications: see pictures on the right and below.

CLICK HERE for Breezing Technical Data, and Specifications.

Why calorie calculators do not work? Click video below.



No More REE/RMR/RQ Guesswork

While calculations provide population average RMR/REE, clinical studies have indicated calculated RMR/REE using metabolic equation for a patient is misleading due to errors as much as 1000 kcal per day. With Breezing, accurate REE/RMR/RQ measurement, by measuring both (O2/CO in breath with low test costs, is possible.

Breezing: Science, Technology, Device, & Apps

Breezing precisely measures metabolic data (REE/RMR and RQ) from a patient’s breath using a disposable, single-use O2/CO sensor cartridge, syncing the data through a mobile app.

1. The Science

Breezing is based on proven science and clinically validated technology.

2. The Sensor Technology

Breezing’s proprietary technology combines traditional O2 and CO2 sensors into a single sensor cartridge, offering precise RMR measurement without the need for manual calibration.

3. The Device

Using Breezing is simple: just insert the sensor cartridge, wear the device, and breathe for 10 mins. No lengthy setup and manual calibration needed.

4. The Mobile App

The app guides the measurement, displaying the results, history, and progress of each patient.


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