Better Data, Healthier Patients

Breezing Pro is a wearable device that empowers healthcare providers to design personalized, data-driven nutritional and weight management programs based on patients’ unique metabolic profiles. Using a cutting-edge sensing technology, the device performs gold-standard indirect calorimetry by measuring the rate of O2 consumption and CO2 production in breath. Clinical data shows the use of Breezing leads to efficient weight loss.

No More Guesswork

While calculations provide population average resting metabolic rate (RMR), clinical studies have shown metabolic equations can miscalculate a patient’s RMR by as much as 1000 kcal per day. With Breezing Pro, accurate RMR measurement is now possible.



Introducing Breezing Pro

Breezing Pro precisely measures metabolic data (RMR and RQ) from a patient’s breath using a disposable, single-use sensor cartridge, syncing the data through a mobile app.

1. The Science

Breezing Pro is based on proven science and clinically validated technology.

2. The Sensor Technology

Breezing’s proprietary technology shrinks the traditional O2 and CO2 sensors into a single sensor cartridge, offering precise RMR measurement without the need for calibration.

3. The Device

Using Breezing Pro is simple: just insert the sensor cartridge, wear the device, and breathe for 10 mins. No lengthy setup and calibration needed.

4. The Mobile App

The app guides the measurement, displaying the results, history, and progress of each patient.




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