Innovation for Personalized Weight Management

The Story Behind Breezing

A decade ago, a group of professors at Arizona State University (ASU) went to visit clients and were requested to invent a device for Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR) tests: accurate, mobile, and easy to operate. Breezing technology was then invented by our co-founders, including the award-winning ASU professor, Dr. Erica Forzani.

Breezing uses cutting edge sensor technology providing accurate Gold Standard results. Thousands of Breezing products have been successfully used for sports training, weight and wellness management since 2011. In 2020, our medical device, Breezing MedTM, obtained FDA 510k clearance.

Workflow Optimization

Breezing can be used for RMR assessment onsite or remotely.

Breezing is the only metabolic rate analyzer with remote assessment capability in the world. This telemedicine feature enables professionals to schedule RMR tests remotely. The test results are exported as CSV files and reviewed by the professionals at the times that work for them. This RMR remote assessment and monitoring feature helps professionals better manage their busy schedules and optimize workflow at training, obesity and related disease centers.

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Proven Track Records

Clinical case studies in collaborations with the Mayo Clinic, the Pulmonary and Sleep Medicine Associates, the University of Arizona, and ASU have proven the use of Breezing leads to efficient personalized weight management. Breezing products have been sold to Mayo Clinic, Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center for RMR assessment and monitoring using telemedicine. Breezing validation paper is included in the link: VALIDATION.

We have ten (10) years of proven track records of providing high quality products with outstanding customer services. We also provide flexible contract and price options to meet our customers’ needs. Achievements: We have continually developed innovative and improved technologies and problem-solving solutions to customers since 2011. We developed the first mobile metabolic rate analyzer in the world. Breezing was named one of 10 winners in 2018 ACA Innovation Challenge. In 2020, Breezing was recognized as a finalist in the R&D 100 Awards amongst great innovators in science and technology.

Breezing has been used as the best tool for personalized weight management due to its uniqueness:

  1. High accuracy, validated against the standards (O2/CO accuracy < 1%)
  2. Competitive capital cost
  3. Zero maintenance cost
  4. Low cost per test (i.e. low recurring cost)
  5. No manual calibration required
  6. HIPAA-compliant apps
  7. Easy and comfortable to use with no nose clips
  8. Remote or onsite assessment
  9. FDA cleared cleaning/disinfection protocol to ensure safe use

REE/RMR assessments using indirect calorimetry is more accurate than REE predictive equations

Click this link to review – Paper published in the Global Journal of Obesity,
Diabetes, and Metabolic Syndrome with Consultant Dr. St Jeor


With innovative O2/COsensor integration, Breezing uses indirect calorimetry to measure O2 uptake and CO2 production in breath, RMR, also known as Resting Energy Expenditure (REE). Breezing empowers healthcare providers to design personalized, nutritional and health management programs based on patients’ unique metabolic profiles. Breezing products have been successfully used for researches, sports training, wellness, and health management across the globe.  Why calorie calculators do not work?  See video below.

Breezing products include Breezing ProTM and Breezing MedTM. To order Breezing Products, click the link: ORDER PRODUCTS.

  1. Breezing ProTM (professional device for researches, sports training, wellness, and health management)
  2. Breezing MedTM (medical device for researches, wellness, and management and/or prevention of obesity and related diseases, FDA 510K cleared, CPT Codes 94690, 99091, 99453, and 99457)
    (Note: For using Breezing Tracker for children weight management, contact us at for detail.)

Breezing’s pre-test requirements and user guides are included in the link: BREEZING PRO/MED USER GUIDE VIDEO.


No More REE/RMR/RQ Guesswork

While calculations provide population average RMR/REE, clinical studies have indicated calculated RMR/REE using metabolic equation for a patient is misleading due to errors as much as 1000 kcal per day. With Breezing, accurate REE/RMR/RQ measurement, by measuring both (O2/CO in breath with low test costs, is possible.

Breezing: Science, Technology, Device, & Apps

Breezing precisely measures metabolic data (REE/RMR and RQ) from a patient’s breath using a disposable, single-use O2/CO sensor cartridge, syncing the data through a mobile app.

1. The Science

Breezing is based on proven science and clinically validated technology.

2. The Sensor Technology

Breezing’s proprietary technology combines traditional O2 and CO2 sensors into a single sensor cartridge, offering precise RMR measurement without the need for manual calibration.

3. The Device

Using Breezing is simple: just insert the sensor cartridge, wear the device, and breathe for 10 mins. No lengthy setup and manual calibration needed.

4. The Mobile App

The app guides the measurement, displaying the results, history, and progress of each patient.


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