Metabolism Tracking Mask In Texas

Health experts in Texas can invest in our obesity management products for their patients

Breezing’s incredible device with sensor cartridge pack in Texas offers cutting-edge functions and technology to help your patients improve their health metrics and get fitter, slimmer, and happier.

The incredible RMR testing machine in Texas uses precise sensors to accurately measure RMR, oxygen, carbon dioxide, etc. in patients’ breath, calculating their total metabolic rate within 10 minutes. The data is then sent to healthcare providers for analysis and recommendations via emails or CSV files.

The obesity management tool is precisely what you need to understand what causes your patients’ conditions and concerns, allowing you to give them specific feedback and information. Help them reduce weight, prevent diabetes and heart disease, and improve other health complications seamlessly.

It’s an incredibly designed product that allows you to educate your patients with tangible results, indicators, numbers, and figures. It’s preciselywhat you need to give them specific interventions and recommendations based on accurate RMR measurements, not an assumption. There’s a reason why Breezing is so well-loved and endorsed by well-known figures, including Dr. SachikoSt. Jeor in her graduate-level class at the University of Nevada and the CCHMC for their two-year obesity management program.  Breezing is used by Mayo Clinic, Harvard Medical Schools, Northwestern Sports program, Formula Wellness Center, and many others worldwide.

Empower your patients to transform their bodies, health, and life with Breezing

Breezing is revolutionary because it creates a totally personalized approach to healthcare and obesity management in Texas. It’s simple to use, fast, intuitive, and precise in its athletic and metabolic assessments calculations.

The device calculates important health measures and stats such as metabolic rate in 10 minutes, making it the perfect choice for healthcare providers and weight loss experts. Breezing’s products have been used by experts in the field of health and obesity management across Texas, helping patients make remarkable progress and changes to their health.

The metabolism tracking device in Texas also comes with a free personalized health management app that all customers can use. The app generates a personalized health management report, including test results such as RMR, oxygen consumption rate, carbon dioxide production rate, RQ, etc., for each patient or client.

Its FDA-cleared cleaning and disinfection protocol removes saliva, bacteria, and viruses and is safe to use during the Pandemic.  Its innovative one-way check valve design only allows clients to exhale and prevents re-breathing of the exhaled air and in-breathing fresh air from the one-way inlet valves.

Invest in Breezing’s lightweight, easy to use and accurate indirect calorimetry measuring device in Texas through our website and improve your service quality and results in no time. You can also contact us for more information.