Metabolic Rate Analysis System In New York

Improve weight management outcomes for your patients and clients with our products

Breezing is the ultimate metabolism tracking device in New York for healthcare providers, fitness and weight loss coaches, and individuals alike.

Designed to give you an accurate metabolic assessment, the device follows a simple principle. A user breathes through a disposable mask and into the device, which then analyzes the consumed oxygen rate and produced carbon-dioxide rate through a single-use sensor cartridge. You can also purchase the sensor cartridge pack in separately.

Breezing’s patented technology is truly unique and allows you to maximize weight loss results for yourself or your patients and clients by giving clear and specific insights into their metabolic health. Manage weight and obesity health conditions to prevent  Type II diabetes, HbA1C, cholesterol, blood pressure, that are related to excess weight.

It’s an incredible tool that can help anyone lose a significant amount of weight safely and with clearer focus since you’ll know exactly what you need to work to improve to achieve those goals.   It also comes with a personalized health management app ($1,000 value at no cost to Breezing customers).

Order our RMR testing machine for obesity management and get guaranteed results in no time. There’s nothing quite as safe, effective, and affordable as this device, which is also used across clinics and programs, including Mayo Clinic and CCHMC.  It is safe to use Breezing during the pandemic due to the following:

1) Breezing’s innovative one-way check valve design only allows clients to exhale to the device and breathe fresh air from the one-way inlet check valves; and

2) Breezing’s FDA cleared clearing and disinfection protocol removes saliva, bacteria and virus.

Invest in an FDA-Cleared weight loss device that is perfect for health and fitness goals

The Breezing device is FDA-cleared as a safe and effective weight loss device in New York that will help you get the results you want without jeopardizing your safety and well-being. It’s not a quick fix or shortcut but rather a tool that offers a holistic overview and insight into your metabolic health. It’s used to provide metabolic assessment and a better overview of your current health status.

Health has never been more accessible, affordable, or easy to understand and achieve as it is now thanks to Breezing’s fantastic technology, which is used by renowned professor and RDN Dr. Sachiko T. St Jeor  and professional weight loss clinics, including Mayo Clinic. There’s a reason why so many professionals place their trust in Breezing’s obesity management devices across New York and the country.

Its FDA cleared cleaning and disinfection removes saliva, bacteria and viruses and is safe to be used during the Pandemic.  Its innovative one-way check valve design only allows clients to exhale to the device and cannot inhale from the device.  They can only breathe fresh air from the one-way inlet valves.

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