Buy Weight Management Device In California

Help your patients achieve their health and wellness goals with our weight management tech in California

Many healthcare providers, coaches, and nutritionists struggle to help their clients and patients achieve their health and wellness goals and shed a sufficient amount of weight. But Breezing is changing the game with their incredible resting metabolic rate device including respiratory quotient results  in California.

The metabolism tracking device offers California fitness and health professionals the perfect tool to get an overview of their patients’ metabolic assessment. It’s an incredible device that offers specific information and insights into what is causing weight gain and stubborn fat, helping you address your patients’ and clients’ concerns with a clear personalized health management strategy.

The device has been linked to reducing overall body fat percentage, waist circumference, and prevention of obesity related diseases  such as diabetes and hypertension. In fact, it’s been endorsed by Dr. Sachiko T. St Joer , one of the renowned professionals and nutritionists across the globe and creator of the MSJE Equation. Other than that, our product has been presented by Mayo Clinic and ASU during Obesity Week and by the Mayo Clinic for Wellness Management.

There’s no denying of effective our product is and how extensively it helps people struggling to lose weight once and for all. You can order this respiratory quotient and metabolism tracking device anywhere in California for an incredible price! Reach out to us today.

Our state-of-the-art energy cost measurement technology is making health more accessible

Getting healthier is harder than it seems. Seeing real, tangible, visible changes takes a lot of effort and consistency, but even despite that, many of us fail to see a drop in weight, improvement in health markers for diabetes, hypertension, joint pain, and more.

Breezing is a revolutionary RMR testing machine that helps with obesity management in California, and it’s available for purchase online. In only 10-minutes, this wearable device uses advanced indirect calorimetry measurements to offer a breakdown of a user’s metabolism and health metrics.

It’s lightweight, easy to use, and perfect for health and wellness providers looking to make their services more specific and accessible to patients and clients across the board. It also comes with a personalized health management app ($1,000 value at no cost to Breezing customers)

Its FDA cleared cleaning and disinfection removes saliva, bacteria and viruses and is safe to be used during the Pandemic.  Its innovative one-way check valve design only allows clients to exhale to the device and cannot inhale from the device.  They can only breathe fresh air from the one-way inlet valves.

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