Obesity Management Product In Florida

Breezing’s technology is making healthcare and obesity management in Florida easier than ever

Breezing has developed an incredible Resting Energy Expenditure (RMR) device in Florida, accurately measuring oxygen consumption rate, carbon dioxide production rate, respiratory quotient, giving doctors across the region access to some of the most advanced technology for weight loss management.

Breezing is an incredibly powerful tool that accurately measures patients’ metabolic rate, allowing doctors and other healthcare providers to share recommendations and strategies that are specific, effective, and designed for maximum efficacy.

That’s why our device is so well-loved and reliable, being used by Mayo Clinic for Wellness Management, Harvard Medical School and CCHMC’s 2-year obesity program. It’s definitely one of the most powerful respiratory quotient devices in Florida.

Calculate energy cost to metabolism tracking with this device that you can order anywhere in Florida. It’s designed to help doctors, nutritionists, and other practitioners deliver precise, specific results and based on real health metrics rather than guesswork and inaccurate estimates. The device provides incredibly intuitive, accurate, and simple feedback to understand and apply, making it the ideal choice for your needs.

Its FDA-cleared cleaning and disinfection protocol removes saliva, bacteria, and viruses and is safe to use during the Pandemic.  Its innovative one-way check valve design only allows clients to exhale and prevents re-breathing of the exhaled air and in-breathing fresh air from the one-way inlet valves.

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Improve your weight management services with Breezing’s incredible metabolism tracker in Florida

Despite all the knowledge and experience globally, many doctors and healthcare providers struggle to make their patients lose weight and improve their health markers. Part of this is patients’ inability to understand the importance of maintaining energy balance during weight management.

Furthermore, being unable to define where the issue is and what’s wrong makes it even harder to explain and communicate what they need to do to see a change. Breezing is revolutionizing weight management tools in Florida, introducing our incredible technology to providers across the region.

Breezing’s  device is lightweight, accurate, and trusted by professionals across the board, including Dr. Sachiko St. Jeor  Mayo Clinic, Harvard Medical School,  and more. Invest in this device and upgrade your practice.

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