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Do you know if your metabolism is fast or slow?
Do you know exactly how many calories you should be eating to reach your weight goal? Breezing measures your unique metabolism, telling you exactly how many calories you should be eating each day, along with how much exercise you should be doing to manage your weight.
Breezing will even tell you if you are burning fat, carbohydrates, or both.

All you have to do
is breathe

The Science:

Breezing uses indirect calorimetry to accurately measure metabolism. This is the gold-standard method recommended by the American Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, and other organizations. The “metabolic rate” obtained from metabolism calculators, body fat analyzers, activity trackers, and heart rate monitors are just estimates that can be hundreds of kilocalories off because they don’t factor in lifestyle, hormones, or your body’s own biochemistry. Breezing, however, accurately measures your metabolism by analyzing your oxygen consumption and your carbon dioxide production.

The Technology:

As the world’s first mobile metabolism tracker, Breezing syncs wirelessly with a mobile app. So you can track your metabolism anytime, anywhere.

The Goals:

Breezing integrates Weight, Diet, and Activity tracking to create a personalized approach so you can finally defeat weight plateaus and achieve your fitness goals. No more guessing what your metabolism is doing or how many calories you need to lose, gain, or maintain your weight. Knowledge is power, and Breezing enables you to fine-tune your body’s metabolism in ways you never thought possible.

Our achievements

Breezing Co has been named one of 10 winners in the Fall 2018 ACA Innovation Challenge, a bi-annual business plan competition for promising early-stage technology companies in high-growth industries.