Diabetes Is Related to Obesity

Breezing Med (FDA-cleared) is the best tool for managing obesity and related type 2 diabetes. Research indicates “the lifetime diabetes risk in men older than 18 years increases from 7% to 70% when BMI increases from less than 18.5 kg/m to more than 35 kg/m. Similarly, the lifetime diabetes risk in females increases from 12% … Continued

Catabolism vs. Anabolism

Metabolism involves a set of chemical processes that are used to maintain our bodies. Without proper metabolism, we won’t be able to burn calories and risk becoming obese and developing insulin resistance. Although metabolism is considered to be one broad term that encompasses all sorts of chemical reactions, there are two types of it – … Continued

Overweight and Obesity Treatment

Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics recommended “If indirect calorimetry is available, the RDN should use a measured resting metabolic rate (RMR) to determine energy needs in overweight or obese adults.” Eat Right: Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics .     Energy Balance and Obesity Management “The high prevalence of overweight and obesity in the United … Continued

Tracking Weight Loss?

Metabolism matters. It changes with stress, ages, activity levels, diet, pregnancy, illness, medications, and other factors. Knowing metabolism can prevent the common “yo-yo patterns” of weight gain after weight loss, helps us find the most effective exercise/ training program, and provides a more complete picture. Tracking metabolism gives you the missing information needed to reach … Continued

Good Practices for Weight Loss

Weight loss is a heavily discussed topic, and many experts come up with different tips that can help you shed the extra pounds. However, with so much information available, it can get extremely overwhelming to select the right practices that’ll allow you to reach your target weight. We’ve gone over the work of many health … Continued

Obesity Control

Obesity has become a major health problem today. As much as 35% of the adult American population are obese, and it’s considered a chronic disease by health institutions like American Medical Association. One of the ways to deal with obesity is to improve metabolism. Having a faster metabolism means your body can digest and process food … Continued

Respiratory Exchange Ratio (RER)

Respiratory Respiratory Exchange Ratio (RER, = respiratory quotient at resting condition) is the ratio between the metabolic production of carbon dioxide (CO2) and the uptake of oxygen (O2). RQ Range and What It Means In people on a high protein diet, respiratory quotients are high because they metabolize more protein for energy than fat. At … Continued

Medical Weight Loss Meal Plans

Breezing Partners with Telediets for Better Obesity Management Breezing partners with Telediets to provide new medical weight loss meal plans. How does it work? Simply entering REE test results obtained from Breezing to Telediets. Telediets meal plans provide caloric daily intake goals that can contribute to healthy weight loss and the overall success treating or preventing a … Continued